Hard Circassian cheese

The cheese of the people who live the longest.

The story of the Hard Circassian cheese:

because of the clean and natural atmosphere in the north Caucasus live the Circassians the longest, and they enjoy their cheese on the Circassian cheese highest mountain in Europa.
until the middle ages were the the best supply source of energy for the Circassian warriors when they retreat back to the high Caucasian mountains, and fight from this natural fortress, especially that it contains relatively more protein and energy than other cheese, which satisfies exactly the energy needs of fighters or sports people.

the best way to enjoy eating it :

being a delicious moderate cheese makes it very loved from the kids and other ages, especially that it tastes like the smell of the milk. , it can be deliciously consumed with bread or a sandwich at breakfast or dinner along with other vegetables like tomato and cucumber, or it can be added to the salad in order to make a more tasty dish.
It is most recommended to be eaten with a cup of a black tee.

Good Appetite.